$900 Million Jeep Assembly Expansion

Date 2004/8/4 0:00:00 | Topic: Facilities

Investment will employ 800 workers and bring 2 additional vehicles to plant
Yahoo! News has an article about a $900 Million investment in Jeep's Toledo, Ohio assembly plant - one that will allow them to manufacture 2 more nameplates at the plant. The plant will be funded in part by Jeep suppliers - saving DaimlerChrysler about $300 Million. Here's a snippet:

Auto parts suppliers will operate a new plant and work side-by-side with DaimlerChrysler AG workers to build Jeeps -- a first for the U.S. auto industry, the company said Tuesday.

The supplier plant will be built adjacent to DaimlerChrysler's 3-year-old assembly plant that makes the Jeep Wrangler and Liberty.

The new $900 million plant will employ about 800 workers, mostly Jeep workers who are now laid off. It also will bring the production of two more vehicles to the assembly plant.

Construction will start in September, and production is expected to begin in 2006.

Be sure to check out the entire article.

Diesel Wrangler?

One of our readers recently contacted us with some information regarding a possible diesel Jeep Wrangler. While there is no hard proof of it yet, our contact hinted that they have seen some signs pointing to a diesel Wrangler. We'll keep our ears open for more.

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