Jeep Unlimited Modifications, Future Wrangler as a Platform

Date 2004/8/30 0:00:00 | Topic: Wrangler

Camp Jeep photos show some new uses for a longer Wrangler
One of our loyal readers sent us this message a couple of weeks ago - we were going to modify it before we posted it, but we decided that we couldn't really improve on what was written.

I was visiting one of the CJ8 sites, and they have posted a couple of interesting photos of a Jeep unlimited with a special top. Makes the Unlimited like an SUT:

And there is a troop carrier version of the Unlimited:

These photos are from Camp Jeep VA (not mine as I did not get to go). I heard the 1/2 top design is going to be a Mopar accessory.

There was also more news on the Diesel and Grand from

The encouraging part:


The announcement of the changes in Toledo prompted speculation that the next-generation Wrangler will serve as platform for a broader family of vehicles. "There is a huge potential that hasn't been tapped yet," Bell acknowledged . "We are a bimodal brand. We appeal both to Generation Y and to Baby Boomers," he said. "As we grow the brand, Jeep vehicles will continue to be what they have always been - the most capable," he said.

And another snip....

In addition, articles about Chrysler Group's plans for the diesel-powered Liberty has have led to thousands of additional inquiries, Bell said. "It gives us confidence we're on to something," he said. "Diesel makes sense for Jeep," Bell added. To that point, he said Chrysler is looking at plans for putting diesels in other Jeep products in the next couple of years.

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