Monster Garage + Jeep Willy = Must See TV

Date 2004/9/23 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Watch a World War II Willys get transformed.
When Monster Garage wants to build something, it looks to the experts. For an unprecedented build involving a World War II Willys (Jeep), master mechanic Jesse James recruited a crew of top-notch U.S. Army mechanics and welders to get the job done. Known for his wild Monster Garage creations, Jesse put the Army mechanics to work on his home turf, building one extraordinary machine. Monster Garage: Army Tractor Pull premieres on Discovery Channel, Monday, October 18, 9-10 PM (ET/PT).

Monster Garage upped its already rowdy game for the Army. For the first time ever, Jesse and crew revved up the difficulty level by performing an in- line installation of two engines in one vehicle. Who better to hand-craft fluid engine teamwork than the "biggest team in America?" From strategic design to down-and-dirty building, Jesse and six Soldiers from across the country worked relentlessly to transform the World War II relic into the Willys Tractor Puller. Soldier strength, skill and determination fueled the week, and the build reflects the freewill force that defines the caliber of men like Jesse and these Soldiers.

More than 200 active duty and Reserve Soldiers and Officers from posts across the country applied for a chance to represent the Army on the Monster Garage team.

Be sure to check out the Monster Garage web site.

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