DaimlerChrysler Counting on 2005 Grand Cherokee Sales

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The all-new 2005 Grand Cherokee ad campaign kicks off
After a busy 2004 and and a planned 2nd new model surge in 2006, the lone star for DaimlerChysler in 2005 is the all-new 2005 Grand Cherokee. With its new ad campaign touting its on-road features more than its off-road capabilities, DaimlerChrylser executives are hoping that the Grand Cherokee (along with the Dodge Charger and Jeep Commander) can fill the sales gap until the new models of 2006 hit the sales floor next fall.

The Detroit News fills in the details:

Chrysler launches its advertising for the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee this week, capping its biggest product year in history before a quiet year in 2005.

The campaign will continue to pitch the famously rugged sport utility vehicle as an off-road leader, but will put new emphasis on its smooth ride and creature comforts like a rear seat DVD player.

Spots will feature the catch phrase, "The Off Road Legend Continues . . . On Road," and will mark a departure for the Jeep brand, which is trying to broaden its customer base and win back its place as a leader in the crowded SUV category.

"It's a fine line, but I think as long as we keep strengthening the brand, we're fine," said George Murphy, senior vice president of marketing for DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group.

Chrysler needs the Grand Cherokee and other models launched this year to be strong performers well into 2005 as the automaker's pace of new model launches dramatically slows.

Chrysler is poised to post its first market share gain since 1998 after a record nine vehicle launches this year.

But just three major introductions are expected in 2005, including the Dodge Charger sedan, the Jeep Commander luxury SUV and a new product yet to be announced.


Chrysler's immediate focus is getting the Grand Cherokee off to a good start.

The company has taken 50,000 orders for the redesigned SUV, which offers four new four-wheel-drive packages and a V-8 Hemi engine option.

And Jeep dealers nationwide are preparing for a premiere party on Oct. 21 that could help propel sales out of the gate.

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