Liberty Diesel Shares Green Spotlight

Date 2004/11/11 0:00:00 | Topic: Liberty

Liberty Diesel and Ford Escape Hybird getting lots of attention from those wanting to move away from gasoline.
The Jeep Liberty Diesel and Ford Escape Hybird have been getting lots of attention lately from those wanting to move away from gasoline. The Toledo Blade is running an article about these new green machines. Here's a snippet (or two):

Drivers who want to join a star-studded list of people who drive vehicles that reduce dependence on foreign oil and dramatically curb emissions may be more likely to buy a Ford Escape Hybrid.

Drivers who want to save on fuel while getting the performance of a V-6 engine and the torque of a V-8 for hauling and off-roading may turn to upcoming diesel models of the Toledo-made Jeep Liberty.

Both versions of the compact sport-utility vehicle competitors have better fuel economy than their gasoline-powered twins.

The two alternative-fuel models will more sharply divide the followings of the two SUVs, with the Escape being favored by women also concerned with the environment and the Liberty being an option for truck-loving men, said Walter McManus, an auto industry analyst with J.D. Power and Associates.

But solely on which will create more buzz among those looking for green alternatives, the Escape and its low emissions will win, said Brett Smith, director of the Center for Automotive Research's product and technology forecasting group.


The Toledo Jeep Assembly Plant will begin building diesel Libertys for U.S. dealers this month and is scheduled to have them on lots by the end of the year.

All Liberty diesels will have four-wheel drive and are priced starting at $25,125 for a Sport and $27,355 for a Limited.


A V-6 Liberty gets 17 miles a gallon in the city and 22 on the highway and a diesel Liberty gets 22 miles per gallon in the city, 27 mpg on the highway while offering similar performance.

There isn't as high a premium on Liberty diesels compared with its gasoline-powered twins as on Escape hybrids, said Mr. McManus of J.D. Power.

Plus, the Liberty's diesel will pay for itself in three years through fuel savings and maintaining a high resale value, while the longtime value of a hybrid is hard to gauge, he said.

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