Grand Cherokee vs. Audi TT vs. BMW 325

Date 2004/12/8 0:00:00 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

Who is faster? Watch the video and find out.
We got tipped off to this great video from the fine site - it is a DaimlerChrysler produced video that pits a 2005 Grand Cherokee 5.7L Limited against a 2005 Audi TT Coupe AT6 and a 2004 BMW 325 xi in a series of speed trials.

The video also pits the Grand Cherokee and the Audi against an Acura in a braking test - it looks like the Grand Cherokee didn't do so well against the BMW in braking so the BMW was replaced with the Acura.

Regardless, the video is fun to watch and the soundtrack reminded us of a Jerry Bruckheimer produced movie. You get to see the Grand Cherokee beat out the Audi and BMW in 0-60, 20-65, and the quarter mile. Did we ruin the ending for you? Sorry.

Check out the video here.

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