Rubicon Unlimited Production Woes, Jeep Scout, Open Air Liberty

Date 2004/12/15 0:00:00 | Topic: Wrangler

A bunch of Jeep news tidbits...
We had a reader send us some info about a potential slowdown in the assembly of Wrangler Unlimited Rubicons - here's what they had to say:

...they started [production] on 8 Nov, from what I am being told by {name deleted} they shipped about 50 then stopped cold. Unit's built are not being shipped and no new build dates are being assigned. He hinted that
there was a problem getting parts from suppliers but didn't go into details. He did state they would cover it up as they don't like to anounce production problems.

It appears that the production "issues" are limited to only Rubicon edition of the Wrangler Unlimited. Anyone else have any info on this?

Jeep Compass to be called "Scout"?

Another reader sent us this info he saw in the print edition of Automobile Magazine:

DaimlerChrysler has purchased rights to the venerable Scout name from International for use on a junior jeep comming as a 2007 model. The modern scout will be about the size of the wrangler but will be a bit cheaper and more of a soft roader.

Could this be the nameplate for the vehicle based on the Jeep Compass concept vehicle? We've also heard the name "Liberator" being tossed around as well.

Open Air Liberty

Yet another reader sent us info about a concept car being displayed at the Detoit Auto Show - while the article doesn't mention the Jeep Liberty, the photo is obviously a modified Liberty. Check it out here.

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