Jeep Assembly Workers Put In More Overtime

Date 2005/1/14 0:00:00 | Topic: Facilities

The Toledo, Ohio Jeep plant wins the overtime race
From The Toledo Blade (1/4/05):

Toledo Jeep Assembly's factories put in the most overtime among all North American assembly plants last year, with 45 weeks of additional time building both the Jeep Liberty and Jeep Wrangler during the week, on weekends, or both, an industry publication reported yesterday.

A DaimlerChrysler AG spokesman confirmed that Toledo Jeep had 45 weeks during which its workers had overtime last year.

Plus, the Jeep Parkway and Stickney Avenue factories where Wranglers are built didn't have a summer shut down because workers kept building the sport-utility vehicles while additional equipment for longer Unlimited models was installed, one of few times in Chrysler's history that happened, said spokesman Mary Beth Halprin.

"It's been a busy year there," she said.

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Toledo Jeep's overtime distinction is a compliment to the popularity of both SUVs as well as to the good job employees do maintaining production and quality, Ms. Halprin said.

The two factories making the Wrangler started 2005 with overtime this week, she added.

Chrysler, however, has no plans to resume a second production shift for the Wrangler, the spokesman said.

The automaker, she said, is focusing on a $2.1 billion expansion of Toledo Jeep, which includes a new home for the Wrangler's replacement partially provided by suppliers.

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