Gunman Kills Two at Jeep Toledo Assembly

Date 2005/1/27 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Two others injured in shooting
What can be said about this? Unbelievable. Our sympathies go out to the family of both men killed, and wishes for a speedy recovery to those injured.


An auto worker wired a shotgun to his body and burst into a Jeep assembly plant, killing a supervisor and wounding two other employees before killing himself.

The alleged gunman, Myles Meyers, had met with plant officials to talk about a problem with his work the day before his fatal spree Wednesday at a Jeep Liberty Plant, authorities said.

After entering the plant at about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Meyers had pointed the gun at a woman in the plant's body shop office and ordered her to summon three other people, telling her he did not plan to hurt her, police Chief Mike Navarre said.

"He gave her three names. He told her who he wanted and who he was going to shoot," Navarre said.

She summoned one of the three men, Michael Toney, who was shot and wounded. Supervisor Roy Thacker, who was on the list of three, was killed after he went to the office on his own, while a third man who was not on the list, Paul Medlen, was wounded later, authorities said.

Meanwhile, the woman then ran out of the office and warned co-workers over the radio, police said.

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