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Notes about the Commander and low end Jeep
A couple of web sites have some tidbits about the forthcoming Jeep Commander and low-end Jeep.

First up, from

Coming this fall is the Jeep Commander, with three rows of seats (finally). The Commander is a slightly stretched offshoot of the recently introduced Grand Cherokee. Sometime next year, probably by spring, comes a Neon small car replacement (renamed, too). Also due in 2006 from the same architecture is a small, less-expensive Jeep, and (we hear) a version of this vehicle for Dodge dealers. But it will be later in calendar 2006 before we know if those are winners.

Here's the link to the entire article.

The Toledo Blade is running an ariticle about the Dodge Nitro (based on the Liberty platform) - the end of the article mentions the future Jeeps:

The Toledo-born Jeep brand is in the midst of broadening its appeal, starting on the high end later this year with the seven-passenger Jeep Commander to be built in Detroit with the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Dodge Neon plant in Belvidere, Ill., is expected to start building two entry-level Jeep models next year, with a combined volume of about 75,000 units annually, Ms. Lindland said.

Both will be more car-like than existing Jeeps and aim to attract young buyers who have defected to brands like Toyota Scion, she said.

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