Diesel Liberty Reveiews, 2005 Grand Cherokee Review

Date 2005/2/22 0:00:00 | Topic: Liberty

Reviews for 2005 models are mostly positive
CRD LibertyWith production for the Common Rail Diesel (CRD) Liberty to begin this month, we thought we'd recap some of the reviews coming in so far.

AllPar.com has the most extensive review that we've seen so far, including numerous photos. The review is fairly positive, with the main complaint stemming from cold-weather starts - a known weakness of diesel engines.

Autobytel.com also has a mostly positive review - they note that the Liberty is noisier than the gasoline version. DaimlerChrylser has added several noise dampening features to the CRD Liberty to help out in this area.

Automobile Magainze's review was one of the more negative ones that we came across, the reviewer notes that the amount of horsepower is a bit low and the interior looks like "a Toys "R" Us special.".    

2005 Grand Cherokee Review

Autoblog is taking the 2005 Grand Cherokee for a week-long spin - here's a snippet from day 1:

Immediately you realize you’re in a much larger vehicle.

Sure five inches might not seem like much but the hood definitely seems bulkier as it stretches out before your eyes. Maybe it needs to be that big to fit the optional 5.7 liter Hemi engine. Our tester comes with the Hemi but there is no Hemi badging on the exterior of the vehicle. There’s a “5.7 Liter” a “Limited” and the “Trail Rated” badges but no Hemi. I had to open the hood just to double check and there in big print was the word Hemi.

The other reason I had to open the hood to check was because the SUV sure didn’t make me feel like I had 325 horses at my command. At low speeds the transmission searches for the next gear, displays little torque and a sense of power only comes at higher speeds.

Check out the entire day 1 review here.

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