Problem with Camp Jeep 2005?

Date 2005/3/1 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Rumors have been circulating about Camp Jeep 2005
One of our long time readers sent us in an email with some information he came across...

While at the Auto Show in Chicago, I took a ride on the 'trail' created by Chrysler at the show. Our driver was an old hand, and he has been involved with camp jeep and jamborees. This year, you might have noticed that Jeep has not announced the location for Camp Jeep 2005. Unfortunately, there have been issues, and Jeep might not be able to setup Camp Jeep this year. They are working on trying to have it in the Poccono's, but they have not been able to finalize any plans.

Another rumor is the 2006 Wrangler might be skipped. Ground breaking for the new additions to the Wrangler assembly area is about to begin. The new area will house the 3 new suppliers/builders for the 2007 Wrangler. At some point, they will have to modify the old assembly line and tie in the new facility. The possibility is after the 2005 model run completes, they will shut down the facility to upgrade the assembly line and work on test runs. By early 2006, this should be completed, and production will startup. The possibility is 2006 model run will be skipped, and 2007 model run will begin early (similar to the 1996/1997 Model run).

He also continued on to let us know that Wrangler Rubicon production is temporarily on hold, while Solar Yellow Wranglers will be coming off the line soon. Finally, it appears that Diesel Liberties won't be released in a few states (CA, MA, ME, NY, and VT) just yet. We're not sure of the reason why, but we suspect that it has to do with emission standards.

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