Jeep Sales Down Another 8%, All New Wrangler Info

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Jeeps sales dip across the line for February and 2007 Wranglers to be built in new Toledo assembly plant
(from a DaimlerChysler press release)

Jeep(R) brand sales declined by 8 percent, but showed signs of acceleration as February sales improved 30 percent to 35,756 units over January in advance of the spring selling season. January 2005 sales were 27,465 units. Deliveries of the all-new Grand Cherokee, which recently received the government's highest ratings for frontal and side impact protection, have arrived at dealers and sales are accelerating compared to January 2005 sales, rising 22 percent to 15,531 units.

Jeep Liberty sales declined slightly by 3 percent when compared to last year, but posted sales of 15,027 units, a 37 percent improvement compared to January 2005 results. Jeep Wrangler posted sales of 5,198 units, a 39 percent improvement over January 2005 sales of 3,743 units.

                  Month Sales     DR%    Vol%     Sales CYTD     DR%     Vol%
  Model        Curr Yr   Pr Yr  Change  Change  Curr Yr  Pr Yr  Change  Change
Wrangler         5,198   6,960   -25%    -25%    8,941  12,351   -25%    -28%
Liberty         15,027  15,432    -3%     -3%   25,994  28,133    -4%     -8%
Grand Cherokee  15,531  16,610    -6%     -6%   28,286  31,794    -7%    -11%
JEEP BRAND      35,756  39,002    -8%     -8%   63,221  72,278    -9%    -13%

2007 Wranglers - two-door and four-door to be produced starting July 24, 2006

The Toledo Blade has the details...

The $900-million, multi-factory Toledo Jeep Assembly plant under construction will start building the redesigned Jeep Wrangler and a four-door version of the famed sport-utility vehicle within five weeks of each other next year, but DaimlerChrysler AG hasn't decided which will come first.

That according to the United Auto Workers Local 12, which represents Toledo Jeep workers.

Four-year-old Toledo North Assembly Plant's tentatively plans to add a third shift in April, 2007, although that timing has not been finalized. An April third-shift addition would be after production of the Dodge Nitro begins in August, 2006, and before a redesigned Jeep Liberty makes its debut in August, 2007, according to an article by Local 12 in the latest issue of the Toledo Union Journal.

The Jeep Parkway and Stickney Avenue factories are scheduled to stop making Jeep Wranglers on July 21, 2006, and the new plant will start building the new models - in either the two-door or four-door version - three days later, the union said. Production of the other version is scheduled to follow on Aug. 28, 2006, it said, and a second shift will be added in September at the plant. The new plant, consisting of three new factories, will be partly owned and operated by outside suppliers.

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