Cracked Beam Leads to Jeep Assembly Evacuation

Date 2005/4/8 0:00:00 | Topic: Facilities

Plant employees evacuated for 5 hours after beam cracks. Also, Jeep sheets coming soon.
The Jefferson North Jeep assembly plant in Detroit was evacuated for 5 hours yesterday after a beam (not part of the building structure) cracked. Here's a snippet from

Several hundred assembly employees were evacuated from the building at Jefferson and Connor from about 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. while a beam that held a conveyer was repaired.

One employee who did not want to be named said despite the repair, workers were concerned about their safety. Also, he said it appeared more than one beam cracked.

"I don't feel safe and a lot of people don't feel safe going back in," the employee said as workers shuffled back into the plant.

After the repair was reviewed by an expert, UAW Local 7 officials agreed that employees could return to work. Union officials did not return telephone calls Wednesday afternoon.

Chrysler spokesman Ed Saenz said the repair made the area safe, noting that the beam was not part of the building structure. But due to the unusual incident, the company will investigate further.

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Tuck Your Kids to Bed Under Jeep Sheets

May's big 35th Annual International Juvenile Products Show in Orlando, Florida will see the debut of a number of new Jeep consumer products - including bed sheets. Here's a snippet:

"Since their debut in 2001, Jeep juvenile products have seen tremendous growth in both product offering and retail sales," stated Debra Joester, ceo, The Joester Loria Group, the worldwide licensing agent for the Jeep brand. "Consumer feedback has been terrific and we look forward to expanding the product offering in 2005 with the launch of our new bed and bedding lines for both toddlers and infants. Initial retail reaction to the design packages developed for Delta Enterprise and Baby Boom has been very positive."


The entire collection of Jeep juvenile products, beds and bedding, diaper bags and accessories will be available in various retail outlets, including mass merchants, specialty stores and other fine retailers.

Does this quality as "Jeep news"? Barely, we know, but we're looking forward to the day when one of our readers sends us a photo of their house completly decked out in Jeep gear. We know you're out there - send us a photo! Oh yeah - here's the entire article.

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