Another Gladiator Hint

Date 2005/4/21 0:00:00 | Topic: Concept/Demonstration

UAW hints that it wants to built the Gladiator in Toledo. Plus, exporting Jeeps from China?
WTOL TV out of Toledo, Ohio recently reported that other auto manufacturers may start looking at Toledo for potential new assembly plants. The reason for this is mainly due to DaimlerChrysler's innovative plan of enticing thier suppliers to build factories near the Toledo assembly plants for the Jeep brand.

The Gladiator tid-bit shows up near the end of the article:

The UAW Local 12 also wants to build a new Jeep pickup truck here in Toledo. DaimlerChrysler is reportedly looking for options to start production in 2008.

Check it out.

Exporting Jeeps From China? is reporting that DaimlerChysler is strongly considering building vehicles in China for the export market due to the reeeaaalllly low labor costs in China (about 1/18 of their American counterparts). Will a future Jeep be built and exported from China? Not yet - it sounds like the first vehicle will be a Chrysler nameplate. Here's a snippet:

DaimlerChrysler AG, the first overseas company to make vehicles in China, plans to build Chrysler compact cars in the country to export to the U.S., taking advantage of wages one-18th those of U.S. workers.

DaimlerChrysler, the world's fifth-largest vehicle maker, is in talks with Fujian Motor Industry Group to form the venture in southeastern China, said officials from the two companies. The entry-level Chrysler model has not yet been developed, said DaimlerChrysler's China chief Ruediger Grube.

The carmaker is following Honda Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. in producing vehicles in China for export, as sales growth in the world's third-largest vehicle market slowed. Honda, Japan's third-largest carmaker, exports Fit compact cars from southern China while GM said it would make Chevrolet Aveo compact cars in Shanghai for overseas markets.

Here's the entire article.

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