2006 Jeeps Shipping Early With Price Increase?

Date 2005/5/10 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

2006 Jeeps showing up in showrooms in July?
One of our readers recently informed us that 2006 Jeeps will be shipping about a month early this year - usually new calendar year models are in dealer showrooms in late August - along with a non-trival price increase. Here's a snippet:

I have been told that the 2006 models will start shipping in July instead of late August as in previous years.  There is also a rumor that a substantial price increase will accompany the 2006 models...something in the range of 4-6% depending on model.

Our source also went on to say that the cut-off date for ordering 2005 models is tomorrow - May 11. So, if you really want to special-order a 2005, you may want to get down to the dealership ASAP!

If anyone else can confirm this or add anything, please let us know!

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