8-City Jeep-On-The-Road Tour

Date 2005/5/16 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Camp Jeep will kick off an 8-city tour
(from a DaimlerChrysler press release)

Beginning Memorial Day weekend Camp Jeep On The Road kicks off in Virginia Beach, Va., May 27-29.  The tour continues to the following cities throughout the summer: Atlanta, June 11-12; Milwaukee, June 25-26; Buffalo, N.Y., July 9-10; Grand Rapids, Mich., July 23-24; Houston, August 27-28; San Diego, September 10-11; and Denver, September 24-25.  Each two-day weekend (Saturday and Sunday) event is free of charge for owners and non-owners alike.

Camp Jeep On The Road offers a "Trail Rated™" off-road course that will allow guests to navigate through obstacles such as steep grades, rocky trails, switchbacks and log crossing in a Jeep Wrangler, Liberty or Grand Cherokee under the guidance of a trained driving instructor. The street course will offer everyday driving tips, including safe acceleration as well as steering and braking techniques on a variety of surfaces.  Each driving program conveys safety and educational messages in a fun, interactive environment.

In addition to on-road and off-road test drives, Camp Jeep On The Road showcases a variety of Jeep lifestyle activities, including mountain biking, Quattro bungee jumping and a climbing wall. The "Camp Kids" area gives future Jeepers the opportunity to drive "Power Wheels" miniature Jeep vehicles.

Jeep owners will receive special access to the Jeep Owners Playground, where they will have the chance to test their own vehicles on some of the most popular obstacles, including some of the Jeep "Trail Rated™" elements.

There will also be premium giveaways and special savings on new vehicles.

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