Info on 99GC Availability

Date 1998/8/13 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We've been getting some information trickling in over the past 24 hours about when dealers can expect the all-new 1999 Grand Cherokee in the showroom.

One reader writes that he purchased a 99GC and was guaranteed delivery by October 29. The reader noted that he ordered his GC "factory direct".

Another reliable source wrote us to let us know that while he's seen a 99GC brochure ("one of those fill out & mail in for more info multi-page foldout things"), it appears that the the big glossy 99 Jeep line brochure is not yet available. Our source did mention that the brochure that he did get did have some cool new pictures of the 99GC.

If you have any information about the availability of the 99GC, if you've seen the new 99 Jeep line brochure, or if you've ordered a 99GC, let us know what you know and we'll let everybody else know! Email us now!

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