Daimler Influenced New Grand Cherokee More Than Chrysler?

Date 2005/7/11 20:49:43 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

The New Zealand Herald is running an article on the all-new Grand Cherokee (they're just getting the first deliveries now) - nothing really new here except for a mention about how they think the vehicle is more influenced by the German side of DaimlerChrysler than the American side.
Here's a snippet:

The Chrysler people in the DaimlerChrysler group are talking up the latest Jeep Grand Cherokee in an all-American "Ain't this the best thing since sliced bread" kind of way.

Listen to Thomas Hausch, Chrysler's international sales and marketing director: "Jeep Grand Cherokee sets the benchmark with its on-road refinement, off-road mastery and overall performance in key areas of customer satisfaction."

The Daimler people in the group are talking it up, too. But their praise is more studied. They point to the new fit and finish, the classier interior, the better ride and handling mix, the improved switchgear ...

They don't say it out loud but the message is clear: German Daimler had more influence on the design of Jeep's new off-road flagship than American Chrysler might like to admit.

For Daimler, read Mercedes-Benz. But Daimler's role won't count for a hill of beans when Chrysler Jeep in New Zealand starts getting backsides on third-generation Grand Cherokee seats this week.

Here's the entire article.

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