Diesel Libertys Supply Dwindling?

Date 2005/7/14 8:44:12 | Topic: Liberty

We're getting some indications that the supply of Diesel Jeep Libertys is dwindling. A reader noticed that the Liberty CRD is not shown on the official Jeep web site "Build and Price" area. The same reader also hasn't been able to find any at his local Jeep dealerships. Finally, he reported that the Employee Discount promotion isn't available for the Liberty CRD either.
After some poking around, we've found that although the 2005 run was limited, they are planning on building more, but most likely as 2006 models. Another one of our readers has heard that there have been some emission problems, but only in California (probably due to the tougher standards).

Update - 7/19/05: one of our readers sent along this note: update on the search dealer inventory and build and price for the Jeep Liberty CRD's. As of Friday 7-15-05 all Jeep dealer web sites were showing inventory, and build and price had ability for CRD option. Never received an explanation why this was not available and dealerships I talked to were always surprised their website didn't show inventory for Liberty CRD's, even though they had them on the lot.

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