Spy Shots: 07 Jeep Compass

Date 2005/7/18 21:01:34 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Allpar.com has some info about next year's Jeep Compass (a.k.a. MK79):
The first MK79 was finished! This was all wheel drive, with the same shared components. This was a gas engine with a CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission). The look is all Jeep, with the seven slot grill. Very close to the look of the Liberty up front, hood headlights, but the sidemarker/blinkers are on the fender next to the headlights and come to a triangle towards the edge of fenders, and front fenders have bulge angled towards the top rear of fender at the mirror. There is a slight "S" curve ant the body line at the rear door the curves downwards and runs into a similar bulged starting at the middle of the door that leads to the rear of the JEEP. Tail lights are close to current Cherokee.

Here's the entire article.

Also, TheCarConnection.com has some cammoflauged spy shots of the Compass for you to look at - not a whole lot to see though... Edmunds.com has similar photos.

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