Compass and 2nd Jeep Will Be "Cross-over Vehicles"

Date 2005/7/18 21:05:17 | Topic: Miscellaneous

A recent article at reveals that both the Compass and a 2nd future new Jeep will both be considered "cross-over vehicles" - somewhere between a car and an SUV. Here's a snippet:
Detroit automakers bidding to beat back foreign rivals are set to launch a spate of new car-based "crossover" utility vehicles in coming years to grab a bigger slice of one of the fastest-growing vehicle segments.

DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group is expected to launch a midsize crossover wagon for its Dodge brand in 2007 as well as a pair of car-based Jeep models. General Motors Corp. is developing a trio of crossovers for its GMC, Buick and Saturn brands, while Ford Motor Co. is planning to introduce new Ford, Lincoln and Mercury crossovers by 2007.

The onslaught of models that meld a car and a sports-utility vehicle underscores the urgency Detroit automakers have to become bigger players in a key front in the war for new sales.

Detroit automakers face stiff competition from foreign automakers, which are also rushing in with crossover products of their own to take advantage of a consumer shift away from large, truck-based SUVs and growing interest in fuel-efficient vehicles.

A crossover is loosely defined as a vehicle that has the rugged look and cargo space of an SUV but sits on a car-like underbody rather than on a rigid truck frame.

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