Spy Shots of 2007 Jeep Rescue (4-door Wrangler)

Date 2005/7/25 12:22:26 | Topic: Wrangler

TheCarConnection.com has some cammo'd shots of the 2007 4-door Jeep Wrangler - that they're calling the 2007 Jeep Rescue.
From the article:
Compare our profile shots of the prototype with our shots of the concept vehicle and you will see how true to the concept the production model actually is. The shape of the fender flares are identical on both vehicles, although the front and rear bumpers appear to differ slightly. The major differences between the show car and the real thing are found in the shape of the side windows. The concept's windows each have a dog-leg kink, and the door handles are mounted in the pillars. The prototype's windows are simply squared-off as on the current Wrangler, and the door handles are of the conventional door-mounted variety.
Be sure to check out the photos!

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