1999 GC and More Reader Reports

Date 1998/8/17 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

A number of readers have written in over the past few days with 1999 Jeep reports, so here we go...

First of all, here's some of the info we received from some of our readers about when we can expect to see the 99GC in the showroom:

"My dealer ([dealer name] of Jasper, GA...the worlds largest jeep dealer) reports that this past week the new Grand Cherokee was shown off to the press. They further state that the vehicle will be in Dealer showrooms on November 1."

"Two different Jeep dealers in the Seattle area have told me the first 99 GCs will be in the showrooms in October."

"The owner of the local dealership (Tuscaloosa, AL) is at a Jeep Dealer's Convention in Colorado....A salesman for [a dealership] in Birmingham said he can start taking orders next week with arrival expected around the 15th of September. Regular stock will start arriving October 15th."

"...there are 10 1999 GC's at Camp Jeep this week in Colorado. Press wonks were treated to test drives on Wednesday and Thursday prior to the Friday arrival of the public. Some lucky attendees may get rides as well, but not off-road. Only on the slow speed mini off-road test course laid out at Camp Jeep. These are very early production vehicles, perhaps the first ones off the line."

We were also sent some information about a Toys for Tots Jeep Meet/Parade. Usually we don't post information like this, but since it's for kids...

TOY'S FOR TOT'S JEEP MEET/PARADE- will be held on Sunday November 8th 1998, Reading Municipal Stadium, Route 61 (Just off Route 222), Reading, Pennsylvania at 12 Noon. Please bring a New Toy (No Gift Wrapping) or a donation for the Toy's for Tot's Program. We hope this will be the largest Jeep Event in the North Eastern States this year! Contact George at: Home- ( 610) 779-8534 or Work- ( 610) 373-1607 for further information.

This next item comes from a source who has some info about the 99GC headlights as well as a V-8...

"one of the striking things on the main photo were the headlights... they were crystal clear plastic shields over the reflectors... no dispersion lenses or what-have-you... If they put out the light like they look they can then there should be NO problems with night driving in the new Grand.."

"Third time for hearing that Jeep will delay the release of the V-8 until the New Year or so. This from a local car dealer who 'swears' it came directly from friends of his that are Jeep dealers.. Said it seems that Chrysler is concerned about the CAFE (gas mileage) averages and have decided to ship mainly the 4Ltr in the initial release in order to help boost their numbers & keep the Feds happy."

Finally, on a programming note, I'll be trading in my Jeep Cherokee for a pair of Timberlands for the better part of the next two weeks during a backpacking trip in Yosemite. There might be some intermittent updates next week, but I don't expect us to be back up to regular reports until the first week of September...

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