Employee Pricing to Continue for 2005 Models

Date 2005/8/3 16:00:00 | Topic: Sales

With the exception of the Diesel Jeep Liberty, it looks like you're in luck if you're in the market for a 2005 Jeep.

From a DaimlerChrysler press release:

In response to overwhelming consumer demand and marketplace acceptance, Chrysler Group announced it will continue to offer its innovative Employee Pricing Plus program to all customers.

The Employee Pricing Plus program gives customers the same prices available to Chrysler Group employees, along with up to $3,500 cash back, on nearly all remaining 2005 model year vehicles.

"The simplicity and clarity of the Employee Pricing Plus program, combined with advertising that broke through the clutter and the freshest product lineup in the industry, motivated customers to visit our showrooms in large numbers during July," said Gary Dilts, Chrysler Group Senior Vice President Sales. "We will continue offering the clear and direct message of Employee Pricing Plus to customers as we sell down our 2005 model year inventory."

Most 2005 Chrysler Group vehicles are eligible for the Employee Pricing Plus program, including best sellers like the Dodge Ram pickup, Dodge Magnum, Chrysler and Dodge minivans with the exclusive Stow 'n Go TM seating system and the Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Use of the innovative advertising that breaks through the clutter and utilizes the Chrysler Group's most famous retiree Lee Iacocca will continue and will include other spots that are sure to generate additional awareness of the Employee Pricing Plus program.

Vehicles excluded from the Employee Pricing Plus program include the 2005 Chrysler 300, all 2006 models, Dodge Sprinter van, Dodge Viper, Jeep Liberty Diesel and all SRT models.

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