1999 Grand Cherokee Shipping, Console, Plants, and More...

Date 1998/8/24 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We're still on vacation, but thanks to an internet cafe in Monterey, California, we're able to bring you some of the latest Jeep headlines:

It seems that Chrysler has started shipping the new 1999 Grand Cherokee ahead of schedule - check out the story.

How about a sunroof in that new Grand Cherokee???

Nearly 40 percent of all 1999 Jeep(R) Grand Cherokees will feature a factory-installed power sunroof. This is more than four times the industry average for sunroof installation, according to Joseph R. Corace, president and CEO of Inalfa Roof Systems U.S.A., the sunroof supplier for the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

As reported here, it looks like prices for the 1999 Grand Cherokee will not be all that different than the 1998 GC.

Here's some more information on the redesigned overhead console and its capabilities in the 1999 Grand Cherokee.

Finally, Chrysler announced that it is building a fourth Jeep plant to build the Grand Cherokee to join the Jefferson North (Detriot), Austrian, and Argentinian plants - no word yet on where the plant is going to be located...

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