More 2007 Wrangler Spy Pics

Date 2005/8/29 8:41:24 | Topic: Wrangler has some new spy photos of the next-generation Wrangler taken someone just passing by at the right time. Here's a snippet:
I quickly put my telephoto on and took some pictures, some other DCX guys were in the parking lot where I was taking pictures from. I was yelled a couple of times but with no particular message other than "HEY!" I took some photos from the rear and side because that was the only clear shot I could get at the time, I had planned to try and get closer by walking, but the DCX guys down at the Jeep noticed what I was doing and hurried their loading along (the Jeep and other test mules were being loaded into a semitrailer).
Here's a link to the photos.

If you look at the gladiator's interior vs spy photos you will see that thay are very simular! also has a couple of new cammo'd photos as well.

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