Next-Generation Liberty: Larger?

Date 2005/8/29 9:52:24 | Topic: Liberty is running an interesting article about the next-generation Liberty and the possible direction the design will take. The article begins by comparing the Commander to the Cherokee, and how many people were disappionted by Liberty's "softer" lines. Here's a snippet:
What the Commander's sharp edges means for the curvier Toledo-made Liberty, which unlike the Cherokee has a larger following among female buyers than male, remains to be seen. The Liberty is to redesigned and be produced at Toledo Jeep Assembly Plant in 2007.

The Liberty admittedly is more "expressive" than what most Jeep fans thought would replace the Cherokee, but some of its distinctiveness will be retained, Mr. Sgalia said.

"I don't think anyone will be disappointed when they see the [redesigned] Liberty," he said.

The redesigned Liberty likely will be larger than the current model to appease customer complaints about roominess but probably will keep softer lines, said auto analyst Rebecca Lindland of Global Insight Inc., an economic analysis firm in Lexington, Mass.
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