Photos of Compass Rallye and Patriot?

Date 2005/9/2 20:32:49 | Topic: Compass

One of our readers found these photos on an itailan web site - are they real or just really good Photoshop jobs? We're not sure, but they're pretty nice to look at.
Compass Rallyee and Patriot

The web site is in italian - here'a quick translated snippet:
Here the first images of the two [new] Jeep[s] introduced to the Hall of Frankfurt, that September opens the doors to the public one from the 17 to the 25.

As we had anticipated, draft of two compact, long cars approximately four meters and 40 cm and high ones between 1,64 and 1,67, with integral traction, but of automotive formulation [?] before the time for Jeep.

Check out the full article and photos.

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