99 Wrangler Tidbits

Date 1998/8/31 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

While we were away from regular updates the last two weeks, we received a number of emails about the 99 Wranglers.

This first message describes the a potential new option in the Wrangler line - a outdoor cooking center:

The skid plates on the factory height TJ are the perfect height to act as back country weedeaters on primitive roads. When enough grass and brush accumulate, it will ignite from the heat of the catalytic converter.

This is not desirable unless you want to cook dinner while you drive. We learned about this new feature some thirty miles from the nearest improved road in a maze of unimproved tracks with no signage. We drenched the flames with every water bottle we had and used a shovel to poke most of the debris out into a gravelly area, where it was thoroughly quenched.

If we had not been able to get the fire out, there was no way to tell someone where to come to help, except for the brands on the cattle. (Different ranchers use different pastures, and there were about three owners out there.) Of course the column of smoke would have been a big clue.

Lacking a winch, we were reluctant to drive into one of the shallow alkalai ponds for a mudbath.

We drove 150 miles home with the windows open, smelling for smoke, and flushed the skid plates out with a high pressure hose the next day. Several pounds of charred debris were still present.

The skid plate needs to be designed for self-cleaning, or a mesh guard added.

Another reader sent in this information they obtained, although I'm pretty sure there was some mis-communication somewhere...

Hi, well I placed an order for a 99 wrangler sport and the dealership told me the following things they will make wranglers till december then no more the wranglers with I-6's are on hold so they can catch up on production of cherokees and the auto transmission of the wrangler is on hold for the cherokee as well

Here's some information on a recall on the 97 Wrangler:

I am not sure if you know about this, but there is apparrently a silent recall on the fuel sending unit of 97 Jeep Wrangler. I took mine in (finally) because the guage show 1/4 tank, when it was empty.

Info on 99 TJs in Milwakee:

I've got a dealer in Milwaukee that has several 99 Wranglers and another without the vehicles but has the 99 brochures.


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