Video of Frankfurt Press Conference

Date 2005/9/14 16:15:04 | Topic: Miscellaneous

On the DCTV site, there is a long video from the press conference held in Frankfurt. Mostly this is just marketing fluff, but some of you may find it interesting. It is fun to watch 'live' events, because things just don't always go as planned (and things do happen in this video). The video includes the unveiling of the Commander to Europe, as well as showing off the Compass and Patriot concepts. Jeep execs made sure to not promise these as production yet, but state they hint at Jeep's future.

The begining is also great for us old timers as Tom Lasorda comes riding up in a Jeep CJ-2A. Also good news for most of us is all the execs are speaking English (my German is definetly not any good!)

Looks like Jeep is also continuing the ' Camp Jeep' style theme at the Frankfurt Auto show like they did here in New York. I think those attending the auto show in Germany are in for a treat.

To see the video (warning, it is long!) Click here.

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