Last Neon at Belvidere plant

Date 2005/9/26 9:51:31 | Topic: Compass

On Friday (Sept, 23) the last Dodge Neon rolled off the assembly plant. Why would us Jeepers care? the Compass and Patriot will be coming out of this plant in the near future (they are based on the Caliber). Here is one of the many articles on the end of the Neon. It probably won't be long before the Calibers start to be built, and the Jeep variations will probably come some time later.

I occasionally drive past the Belvidere plant which can be seen off of Interstate 90. This last Friday, I did pass that way, and for those familiar with the plant, the 2 red/white/blue Neons out front were gone, and the "Home of the NEON" sign already had the "NEON" portion removed. I wonder how long before they put the Caliber and/or Jeep name up on the sign? Also for those of us who have been past the plant around Christmas, I wonder if they will have Santa's sleigh being pulled by Jeep Compass/Patriots instead of the 12 Neons (with the front one being red).

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