New Wrangler Spy Shots

Date 2005/9/26 9:54:15 | Topic: Wrangler

One of our readers recently stumbled upon a cammoflauged 4-door Wrangler being tested in an high-altitude area of Colorado. He was able to take numerous photos of the vehicle, including some photos showing part of the interior (through the side windows), a possible seam in the roof (indicating a removable hard top), and even managed to speak to the engineers.

Here's the description of some of what you can see in the photos:

I got a bunch of shots of a 4-Door 2007 Wrangler. I have 2 shots where you can make out the dash (1 from driver side, 1 from passenger side). tweeters are built in, HUGE speedo, fancy CD player. Can kinda see under it in a few shots. Rain gutters above the 4 doors and possible proof of a PANELIZED roof.

These photos are much better than any other recent cammo'd photos - and the resolution is excellent. The only downside is that there is a $1 "donation" to view the high-resolution photos (the low-res photos are free). Check out the photos here.

If you do pay to see the high-res photos, you'll not only get access to the photos, but you'll also be able to read the photographer's comments to each photo, including some strange comments made by the Jeep engineers.

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