Meet The Mudds

Date 2005/9/27 16:13:56 | Topic: Miscellaneous

DaimlerChrysler is experimenting with some web-based adver-tainment this fall with the web site. It centers around a family of off-road enthusiasts and their adventures (we assume) in a Jeep.

So far, the site offers a quick description of each member of the entire Mudd family, as well as some screen savers and desktop wallpaper for each family member. One of the family members, Victoria, also has a blog started (with only 3 posts to date), but additional blogs and several short videos are planned for the site.

Also to be included on the site a Google Maps powered Geocaching game - as a big fan of Geocaching (in our opinion, anyone who loves to be outdoors should be a fan of Geocaching), this is the feature we're looking forward to the most. Prizes will be awarded, including a Jeep Commander.
According to Jeff Bell, vice president of the Chrysler and Jeep Group. "We will continue to push monies towards interactive and experiential marketing for three reasons," Bell told MediaPost's OMMA magazine. "First, it is measurable. Second, it is more engaging emotionally, and therefore effective. Third, the highest quality of creative and technical talent is working in this area."

Colleen DeCourcy, the chief creative officer of Organic, said the Mudds are "online ambassadors" for the vehicle. "They're heroes. They're not people hiding inside of Hummers. We were really trying to sum that up--it's the first Jeep advertising that deals with people who would live in the jeep as opposed to the vehicle itself."

You can check out the entire press release (from Organic Inc., the company behind the web site) at this link.

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