Yet More Cammo'd Photos of the Wrangler

Date 2005/10/26 11:38:27 | Topic: Wrangler

A German publication is running some new photos of the camouflaged Wrangler - nothing groundbreaking as far as we can tell - but then again, all the text is in German.

Google Translations provide an amusing quote:
In the automobile business most taboos are already broken: That the body Porsche from Eastern Europe comes and Diesel builds Jaguar, well well, one gets accustomed to everything. But the fact that the next jeep Wrangler not only when two -, but also as Viertuerer is to come that is already a strong piece. Numerous Erlkoenigfotos prove: The jeep icon changes itself to the family UV. Select dealers were allowed to look at themselves the next generation, which probably starts 2007, first. Us for the time being only the camouflaged version remains - nevertheless in epischer width and enriched around the Zweituerer.
Check out the photos.

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