Positive, Thorough Review of the Commander

Date 2005/11/16 16:18:29 | Topic: Commander

Automobile.com has an exceptionally well-written and thorough review of the Jeep Commander - calling it the "right car for the times".
So, to sum up, I really think Jeep has thought out its new Commander, and due to its accommodating interior and relatively compact (for its class) exterior dimensions, it is right for the times. Sure I'd love it if the automaker would incorporate a diesel option, a feature that would no doubt ensure a great deal of new interest in the brand ... the 5.7-liter V8s MDS cylinder-deactivation technology will have to satisfy fuel conscious off-roaders.

As you can probably tell, I like the new Commander. I can't say that it has completely won me over on looks alone, but as stated earlier I often find unorthodox shapes agreeable given enough time. Diehard Cherokee fans really like what they see, mind you, at least those I've spoken with about it, so my guess is that it will find a strong base of loyal customers, probably among those who used to own one of the brands smaller SUVs, but have now grown out of it.
Check out the entire review.

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