New York Times Commander Review

Date 2005/11/21 8:39:39 | Topic: Commander

The New York Times recently reviewed the 2006 Jeep Commander - the title of the review is, "2006 Jeep Commander: A Looming Case of Hummer Envy". The review isn't all the positive - here's a quote:
The Commander performs such chores with an undeniable presence, like it or not, and one with overtones of the Hummer. There is a blunt seven-slot grille, a bunkerlike greenhouse and squarish windows. While the Commander doesn't compete directly with any of the three existing Hummers, it could be seen as a retort to a brand that has stolen some of the rough-and-ready image that Jeep used to claim exclusively. (The chicken-or-egg debate doesn't end there, given that several of Hummer's styling cues seem to have been borrowed from Jeep in the first place.)

You can read the entire review (free registration required).

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