Dodge Nitro to be Built at Toledo Liberty Plant

Date 2005/11/28 8:35:17 | Topic: Liberty

DaimlerChrysler is excected to announce later today that the Dodge Nitro will be built at the Liberty plant in Toledo, Ohio. From WTOL-TV:
Ever since the Dodge Nitro was rolled out at the Chicago Auto Show in February, there has been talk about where the new SUV would be built. Now after all that talk, DaimlerChrysler is expected to announce today that the Toledo North Assembly Plant will get the work, calling back dozens of laid-off Jeep workers, and adding a third shift to the production line.


The Dodge Nitro will use the same frame, engine, suspension, and transmission as the Jeep Liberty, which is why it's such a logical fit for TNAP. The Nitro is a little bit roomier than the Liberty, so drivers who find the Liberty a bit cramped might opt for the nitro.
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