The $100,000 Revamped M151 Jeep

Date 2005/12/29 13:38:49 | Topic: Miscellaneous

$100,000 for a revamped military Jeep? Granted, this is right on the edge of the type of Jeep news we normally cover, but it made it to the front page of so we thought we'd put up a blurb about it.

It seems that the Marine Corps is paying Ocala, Florida based American Growler (the site is under construction - not too much to see) $100,000 apiece for the revamped Jeep.

The Corps has ordered 400 of these Jeeps, but stand by their order stating that each vehicle has been upgraded with the latest modern technology and has been adapted to fit in the V-22 Osprey.

There's quite a bit of controversy about the order - it seems that the Dominican Republic paid only $33,000/each for a different version of the Growler in 2001.

Check out the entire story for all the details.

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