Jrations: a New Jeep-Oriented Magazine

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Jrations, a brand-new Jeep oriented magazine made its debut a few weeks ago with Standard Issue 1. The publishers were kind enough to give us a heads up on this and sent us a sneak peek at their new magazine.

To begin with, this is not just a magazine - it is a magazine that ships with a CD-ROM of additional content in every issue. The nicely produced additional content consists of videos, maps, and additional content that digs deepers into some of the magazine's articles. There are also PDF files that contain more details of some of the magazine's how-to articles.

The magazine itself is a welcome addition to the Jeep media famly. This is not just a hardcore "how-to" magazine. The articles range from beginner's information to the world of the "Jeep Lifestyle" to the expected how-to guides on modifying you Jeep. The articles in the premier issue include:

4-wheeling Black Bear Pass
Backpacking in Southern Colorado
25th Anniversary of the CJ-5
Wilderness Digs (an article about choosing the right tent)
Increasing your Jeep's output power
Tech Q&A
Trail Primer (a guide to gear every offroader should have)

Finally, the publishers have recently launched a new web site companion to the magazine: jrations.com.

Interested in getting your hands on a copy? Order Standard Issue 1 online.
Official Press Release Announcing Jrations

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. (December 9, 2005)—Outgate Media, Inc., has launched the first issue of a new multimedia Jeep® journal titled J Rations.

J Rations' debut edition, called Standard Issue 1, includes a print magazine, an interactive CD-ROM and exclusive Web content that delivers information and entertainment in traditional and rich-media formats. Each medium—print, CD-ROM and Web—is leveraged to perform to its fullest. The full-color magazine features technical how-tos, articles on trail and wilderness adventures, trail preparedness and outdoor living, as well as columns from respected writers and photographers. The magazine also includes a section titled "CD Primers." These background articles set the stage for broadcast-style, interactive and PDF presentations included on the CD.

The CD-ROM features "expansion" articles that originate in the magazine, as well as professionally produced short-length hybrid presentations that integrate broadcast and documentary style with viewer interactivity. These include historical profiles, video trail rides and technical articles. Enhancing the magazine and CD is the J Rations Web site, featuring exclusive editorial reserved for and accessible only to those who purchase Standard Issue 1. In addition, JRations.com offers to all site visitors original editorial, as well as an abundance of Jeep-related resources and other standard Web fare.

"We aim to serve the Jeep enthusiast market with a publication that meets their needs in new and entertaining ways," said Wayne Godfrey, president and creative director of Outgate Media, Inc. "Our publishing model reflects our philosophy that Jeep entertainment should be as exciting as the sport itself."

J Rations' editorial profile addresses the needs and desires of everyday Jeep enthusiasts who live with real-world budgets. The editorial schedule includes maintenance, modification and restoration technical articles; buyers' guides and lifestyle pieces such as camping, hunting and fishing. Standard Issue 1 includes articles on budget lifting, manual locking hubs, brake conversions, the 1979 Anniversary CJ, how to choose a backcountry shelter, off-road adventuring preparedness, the genesis of the jeep, communications options and more. The premiere issue presents in multimedia format trail runs in New Mexico and Colorado, and assorted maintenance and modification tech. The CD also features an in-depth presentation on the pre-standardized and prototype jeeps, written and photographed by recognized Jeep authority Jim Allen.

As Jeep enthusiasts themselves, the principals at Outgate Media recognize that hobbyists currently have available just one Jeep-specific title, and several other off-road magazines whose editorial includes a variety of vehicle makes and models.

"There is a large contingent of enthusiasts out there who don't have the money for $10,000 buildups, but they want to enjoy their Jeeps on weekend adventures just like those who do have ample disposable income," said Rob Reaser, publisher and editorial director. "We show people how to modify their vehicles, in detail, with buildups that result in a rig that can perform reliably in the field. Then we guide them to do-it-yourself trails around the U.S."

Veteran Jeep communicators, the principals at Outgate Media, Inc., launched Jp Magazine in 1995 as part of the Dobbs Publishing Group, breaking into the market with the industry's first Jeep-specific magazine title.

For more information on J Rations Standard Issue 1 or to order a copy, visit www.jrations.com.

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