Free Jeep Videos on Google Video

Date 2006/1/12 18:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We spent a few hours trolling around Google Video the other day and ran across some cool Jeep-related videos. The Jeep videos available are mostly off-road clips of Jeeps traversing various obstacles, but there are a variety of others that we found entertaining as well.

This image is from a Jeep Spec Commerical (a "spec commercial" is a commercial created by someone without a contract with the advertiser - once they are produced, they are offered to the advertiser for sale) - it's only 15 seconds long, but it's quite humorous (even if it is a little sexist).

Here are some others that are interesting:

-a Wrangler plowing through a bunch of mud

-another spec commercial involving the videogame Frogger and a Jeep

-a Cherokee going up a steep dirt road - and getting stuck

-a Grand Cherokee showing its on-road power

-Grand Cherokee vs. Mustang in a drag race

-Wrangler donuts in snow

-video review of Commander

Have you seen other Jeep-related Google videos that you think are cool? Post the URLs in Reader Reactions below.

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