Updated with Compass and New Wrangler

Date 2006/1/18 21:00:00 | Topic: Wrangler

The official Jeep web site, has been updated with official information about the 2007 Wrangler and Compass.

The Compass area of the web site seems to marketing the Compass as a versitile, fun-to-drive vehicle. In additional to the expected sections (safety, utility, value, photo gallery, etc...), there is also an audio tour of the Compass.

One of the new things we learned about the Compass is its high-end audio option: a 458-watt Boston Acoustics Premium Sound System that comes with swing-down tailgate speakers - handy for tailgate parties! Plus, it comes with an auxiliary input jack for connecting your iPod to.

The 2007 Wrangler area of the site has some great graphics, and comes with the tagline: "Redesigned. Ready to Rock." The site is organized the same way at the 2007 Compass site. One feature of the Wrangler that caught our eye was the option of a Sunrider™ top (instead of the modular hard top). The Sunrider™ soft top, which includes a "sun roof" feature in addition to the full top-down option. This soft top provides a second open-air option by folding the soft top back completely over the driver and front passenger to create a 52x30-inch sun roof opening — larger than any typical glass sun roof.

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