Compass Named One of the Six New Cars to Watch For

Date 2006/1/22 21:11:25 | Topic: Compass

The not-yet-released 2007 Jeep Compass was named one of the six new cars to watch for by In addition to the Compass, the other 5 cars are the Volkswagen EOS, Honda Fit, Toyota Camry, Ford Edge, and the Lexus LS460. Here's what they had to say about the Compass:

Search all you want, you'll find no "Trail Rated" badge on the Compass, as Jeep's new addition to the line-up isn't designed to go off-road.

This is a car designed for buyers who like the idea and style of Jeep vehicles but don't want the reality of owning a genuine off-roader. (The rough ride and all that, you know.) The question is will the fakery of the off-road look bother potential buyers?

"The market that they're going after has not been raised on Wranglers and the toughness of Jeep," said Bell.

"I think that they'll be very happy with the pseudo-toughness and will not be offended by the lack of off-road ability," he added.

At least Compass buyers, as opposed to asphalt-bound Jeep Liberty buyers, will be honest about faking it.

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