Crippled Plane Hits Jeep Commander

Date 2006/1/25 8:06:29 | Topic: Commander

What is it with Jeeps and planes? Remember this story? Late last week a small plane making an emergency landing on a highway in Pensacola, Florida hit a rental Jeep Commander.

The airplane's engine had failed in mid-flight and flight controllers had instructed the experienced pilot to Navarre airstrip - but the plane never made it. The pilot, David Shelby, was forced to put the plane down on Gulf Breeze Parkway.

According to The Pensacola News Journal, Selby said, "I was trying to merge with traffic and hoping there were no cars below," he said. "Planes with long wings don't do very well on the road." Shelby, an experienced pilot with 3,000 flight hours, said he did not put the plane's landing gear down because he wanted to avoid a major crash. The plane was carrying 60 gallons of fuel. The plane pushed the eastbound Jeep from behind across the median and into the westbound lane.

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