Grand Cherokee to Share Components with M-Class?

Date 2006/1/27 15:03:00 | Topic: Grand Cherokee has an interesting article about DaimlerChrysler's attempt to improve cooperation between the Mercedes and Chrysler brands.

One option for sharing is in the development of next-generation Mercedes and Chrysler SUVs.

Frank Klegon, Chrysler's vice president of product development, said: "The successors to the Jeep Cherokee and the M class won't necessarily have identical platforms, but they will surely have many more common modules and systems,"

Thomas Weber, D/C board member for research and development, said: "We don't want any common platforms, but we are discussing an intelligent module strategy. This isn't putting a new hat on an old floor pan."

Technology sharing between Mercedes and Chrysler likely will go in just one direction – from Mercedes to Chrysler.

"I don't really see a transfer from Chrysler to Mercedes, but we will have integrated committees and common standards," Weber said.

That makes sense, analysts say.

"On the technological side, clearly the expertise is at Mercedes-Benz," said Georg Stürzer, an automotive analyst with HypoVereinsbank in Munich.

Stürzer said: "But in terms of production efficiency, Chrysler is ahead of Mercedes in some respects."

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