New woes for TK - Paint Operator backs out

Date 2006/2/6 8:07:21 | Topic: Wrangler

For the second time before new Wranglers event get started, the paint shop operations company backs out.

In the begining when Jeep was setting up the plan for the new Wrangler in which non-Chrysler companies participate and share in the costs, DCX ran into troubles with the original company that was targeted to run the paint shop. Well, according to the Toledo Blade, Haden International has now backed out too.

According to the article, this should not hold up production, but you have to wonder.

There is another article written a few weeks ago in the Blade that talks about this 'experiment' in having the suppliers be major stake holders and builders of the product. Let's hope they iron things out and build a good replacement for the classic TJ Warngler.

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