"Supplier Park" at Jeep Assembly Draws Criticism From Jeep Worker

Date 2006/2/15 7:38:00 | Topic: Facilities

A blog named "historymike's musings" recently posted what is claims is a letter from from a current Jeep worker who doesn't appear to like the new idea of a "supplier park" at DaimlerChrysler's Jeep facilities in Toledo, Ohio.

Turns out the author of the letter feels that the supplier park is just another way to screw loyal Jeep workers into taking jobs with less pay, benefits, and security. Here's an excerpt:
I've been working at Jeep for a decade and that's considered "diddly squat" for senority there. So I'll probably be laid off. If I want to work for one of the new companies, I have to quit Jeep, signing paperwork saying I don't want to come back. Then ther's no guarantee that one of the new companies will even hire me, and if one of them does, how long is that company even going to be there?

Definitely check out the entire article and the comments that follow - there is a comment from a former UAW representative that disputes some of the author's claims. An interesting read no matter which side of the fence you find yourself on.

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