EXCLUSIVE: Jeep Commander Gear Contests Finalists

Date 2006/2/27 8:59:52 | Topic: Commander

We've selected the finalists for our Jeep Commander gear contest. We had over 300 entries, submitted by over 200 readers. It took us a few days to narrow down the list to come up with some finalists.

The winner will be determined by you - see below for instructions on how to cast your ballot for your favorite tagline.

Without further ado, here are the finalists:

Still go anywhere, do anything, except this time you can take everyone and everything with you. (submitted by Henry Haley)

Command the concrete Jungle! (submitted by Jay Linnemann)

It commands respect, both on and off road. (submitted by Rich Schell)

Every day should be an adventure. (submitted by Lathum Nelson)

Jeep Commander - Luxury Standard, Pavement Optional. (submitted by Don Fuller)

Jeep Commander, my wife wouldn't let me buy the Rubicon. (submitted by Chris Dupuy)

Jeep Commander. Drive Anywhere. Bring Friends. (submitted by Seth Glattstein)

Jeep has a message for all full-size SUV's....meet your Commander. (submitted by Erik Latranyi)

Which one do you like the best?

Click here to cast your vote!

We've teamed up with BallotBin.com to handle the voting to keep things fair. You'll need to confirm your email address before you can vote - this is to ensure that each email address can only cast one vote.

The grand (and only) prize winner will win all the stuff you see in the picture - a "Jeep Freedom Tour Pouch", a t-shirt, a Commander key-chain, and a Jeep water bottle.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. Voting will be open until 3/3/06, we'll announce the winner immediately following the end of voting!

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