Newsletter Update - AOL Users Take Note

Date 2006/3/7 9:51:26 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Following a lengthy "discussion" with AOL and our ISP, we've been asked to have all our AOL "Jeep News Blast!" newsletter subscribers confirm the fact that they'd like to continue receiving our newsletter.

It seems that we've had some AOL users too lazy to unsubscribe on their own (using the numerous links in the newsletter that allows them to do so) and instead have been complaining that we spam them with our one-a-month newsletter.

So, in order to pursue the path of least resistance, we've choosen to automatically unsubscribe from the newsletter only all of our subscribers. Late last week, we sent an email out to all of you AOL users asking you to confirm that you wish to continue by logging into your account and selecting to continue receiving "Jeep News Blast!"

Our privacy policy clearly states that we never sell or rent our mailing list to anyone - this will not change.

We're really sorry about the hassle, but it was our most financially-prudent choice.

If you're reading this and you don't know what we're talking about - "Jeep News Blast!" is our monthly email newsletter where we give you a quick recap of all the Jeep news we've covered in the past month. Want to subscribe? Simply register for the site and indicate that you'd like to subscribe!

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