Liberty CRD Review in Chicago Sun-Times

Date 2006/3/13 8:24:51 | Topic: Liberty

The Chicago Sun-Times ran a mostly positive review of Jeep Liberty CRD over the weekend:
The Liberty Diesel provides decent performance in town, but could use another 50 horsepower (couldn't we all?). The 0-60 mph figure for this 4,296-pound Jeep is average at 10.1 seconds and 65-75 mph passing is lazy with just a driver aboard.

The Liberty Diesel isn't as quiet or refined as many European diesels. It suffers from the mild clatter and vibration of older diesels and briefly emits smoke after being started. The Jeep folks blame the noise partly on the fact that the diesel has large cylinders that create lots of noise and that the engine sits close to the passenger compartment.

While the Liberty Diesel isn't very fast, its turbocharged engine holds its own in city traffic and works well with its automatic transmission. That unit smoothly upshifts and downshifts and allows easy highway cruising.

The Liberty feels solid as a rock and has good steering and decent handling for a rather high SUV, although body lean is noticeable when swiftly taking curves. The firm suspension provides an acceptable ride on most roads, and the Liberty has impressive off-road abilities.

Extra effort is needed to get in, but passengers sit high. However, the front seats should be larger and offer more side support. And the large front console eats into occupant room. Also, a tall driver will wish his seat moved back farther. There's decent room for four 6-footers, although knee room gets tight behind a driver who shoves his seat all the way back.

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